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Local Poet Published in Michael Jackson Tribute Anthology!



Artwork by Iaian Greenson

Recently a poem I wrote was accepted to be published into a Michael Jackson Anthology.  I was inspired to write the short poem because my memories of my teen years include Michael Jackson’s music and the pool hall my friends and I hung out at in our little island community, Change Islands, Newfoundland.  The same week the world lost Michael Jackson, my little home town lost the owner of that pool hall and I wrote the little memory in rhyme. 

Today the anthology, Goodbye, Billie Jean, the meaning of Michael Jackson was released and I am thrilled.  When I received the list of contributors I was honoured and humbled at the same time.   It is a beautiful book with a striking cover,  shown above.  I am proud to be included in this work. 

This work is available for purchase here.  If you have a Michael Jackson fan on your Christmas gift list, this is a perfect gift!  This work will be available at in the next few weeks as well!  I will not make any money from the sale of this anthology, I would just like to support the work of the person who put this all together, Lorette C. Luzajic.  She deserves the accolades and the support!