Call For Submissions

The Stratford Poetry Society is requesting submissions for its first Anthology of Poetry to be published in 2010.  We accept all forms of poetry and ask for a minimum of 3 submissions from all poets.  Please include a three sentence bio of  yourself and a picture for the anthology.  All poets who are published in the anthology will have their bio printed in the book.

We do not offer financial compensation however we also do not charge an entry fee and you are welcome to offer your poetry elsewhere for publication and you retain all rights to your work in that regard.  We are looking for adult submissions and this includes high school students.  Younger kids who have the talent may also enter however there are no age categories so their acceptance would  not be based on age.  Please don’t quote your age in the application.

All contributors must be from the area of Stratford, Ontario or have a direct connection to the area.  For example, born in St. Mary’s but live in Toronto etc.  The connection to Stratford or the surrounding area should be mentioned in the bio.

Please email your submission as an attachment.  With the bio at the top of the page.  We have a minimum of three submissions per person but  no maximum.   Please include your contact information, address and phone number.  Please indicate your preferred method of contact.  We are not fussy on how the submission is laid out as long as all information is included.  School teachers.  You may submit for your students however please keep the pages seperate for each student.  In the case of multiple pages for a single student(which is likely) please put their information every page.  Submissions can also be mailed to The Stratford Poetry Society c/o Carolyn Parsons, 292 Wettlaufer St. Tavistock, Ontario, N0B 2R0.  Please email with any questions about submissions.

The tentative closing date of the submissions is April 2, 2010.  The publication Date of the anthology has not been determined.

There is no obligation to purchase the book should your submission be published.  It will be available for purchase from this website and Amazon.


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